Getting Pregnant 101 – What You Should Know Before You Try

First things first – do you know how to get pregnant? I mean seriously, when you think about it, so much time and energy is spent in not getting pregnant, that many assume that you will get pregnant if you simply stop trying to not get pregnant. And for some, it is as simple as […]

Belly Fat – More than Just Unsightly – It’s Unhealthy

If you’re a busy mom like me, you usually don’t consider it a big deal to carry a few extra pounds on your frame (okay so now maybe it’s more than a few pounds!) You just chalk it up to “baby” weight (even though your kids are all in elementary school now!) However, if those […]

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Using Positive Visualization To Help You Achieve Your Body Goals. Scientists have always speculated about the mind body connection. It is a real phenomenon that has helped people achieve some amazing results. Through positive visualization, you can change the way you think and watch as your body and your life in general responds to the new you! […]

Fetal Doppler Heart Monitors – For That Extra Peace of Mind

Whether this is your first pregnancy, your last, or somewhere in between – if you haven’t already invested in a doppler fetal heart monitor, you don’t know what you’re missing!  Gone are the “is my baby okay” worries of the first and second trimesters where you have to wait an agonizing 4 weeks between visits […]

Winter Fitness – Staying Motivated during the Cold and Dark Months

Winter is a time when nature hibernates in anticipation of the activity of spring.  However, just because nature hibernates, doesn’t mean you have to hibernate along with it.  Avoid putting on that winter weight by continuing your workouts during the cold winter months.  Then come spring, you will be one step ahead of nature and […]

Almost 40 and Pregnant

Well, it’s the end of my weight loss journey for now.  I’m pregnant. I’d like to say it was planned – but in reality it came as a surprise.  I love kids and always wanted more, but based on my prenatal history, I just didn’t think it was meant to be. So we got rid […]

Surprising Ab Training Mistakes to Avoid – Part 1

If you’re interested in discovering some areas where you may be going wrong in your abs training and your attempts at losing stomach fat, I have an interview for you below that you’ll want to read. In it, Men’s Health Magazine writer Craig Ballantyne, grills Abs-Expert Mike Geary, author of the internationally popular book, The […]

Marathons – You Can Overcome Any Obstacle

Physical challenges don’t have to rob you or your loved ones of a full life.  Many physically challenged people make great strides in their lives each day.  If you want to participate in a marathon, don’t let your physical challenges hinder you. We have read stories in the newspaper and magazines about accident survivors.  They […]

Your Back To School Routine – It’s A New Year for You Too!

Well, it’s that time of year again, time to send the kiddos off to school, or if you’re a homeschooler (like me) it’s time to promote your kids and start their new routines (just in case the rules got a little “relaxed” over the summer!) While you are busy instilling the importance of routines in […]

Losing Weight – Week Three

Weekends seem to be the worst for me.  I don’t exercise and I eat way too much – I don’t even bother tracking what I’m eating in my Weight Watchers journal because I know it’s too much.  And yet despite all that my weigh in on Tuesday September 15 was – 189!  I lost 1.2 […]

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