Is Winter Making You Fat?

During the winter, it’s pretty common to pack on the pounds. There are a lot of factors that help contribute to this weight gain. By knowing what they are, you can also figure how to combat them and stay trim all the way to spring. One of the biggest causes of winter weight gain comes […]

Losing Weight – Week Two

Drumroll please. . . . This week’s weigh-in was 190.2! Woo Hoo – So lost one more pound. I know I should be happy with this, but at this rate it will be November of 2010 before I am where I want to be, which seems a little unfair since it seems like I gained […]

Losing Weight – Week One

Okay, so for my first official weigh-in at Weight Watchers® I weigh. . . 191.2. So I lost one pound since last week’s “courtesy” weigh in. The changes that I’ve made have been small – I switched from a 32 ounce Coke (full strength version) to a 12 ounce Coke each day.  I eat flavored […]

Losing Weight – The Journey

Well, I’m certainly not going to tell you to do something that I’m not willing to do. Since I’ve been talking about eating better, exercising, and losing weight – I’m going to go public with my own journey towards weight loss. I am a horrible stress eater. In the past year (June 2008- July 2009) […]

Swine Flu Survival Guide For Moms

Protect Your Family As a mom, you want to protect your family as best you can.  But with the impending threat of the Swine Flu what is a mom to do? The Swine Flu Survival Guide for Moms is your best resource for ways to protect your family and how to survive the chaos when […]

When A Loved One Has Special Needs

It is hard to accept when a loved one sustains an injury or illness that leads to a physical challenge in their lives.  We may become their main caregiver.  That can scare and immobilize the strongest people.  But, understanding can make it all work out. After the initial shock that comes from learning of a […]

Parenting Toddlers With Special Needs

As children with physical challenges age, their differences can become more apparent.  The toddler stage will find kids exploring their surroundings and themselves.  Learn how to help your toddler face their physical challenges. Firstly, a physical challenge doesn’t diminish your child in any way.  Positive acceptance of the physical challenge whether it be due to […]

Parenting Teenagers With Special Needs

The teenage years are difficult for both parent and child.  When a teenager also faces physical challenges, it can be a nightmare for the unprepared parent.  How can parents help their physically challenged teenager? Teenagers can give their parents a run for their money.  Between the ages of thirteen to eighteen, these children are growing […]

Sleep Changes As You Age

We all know how important a good night’s sleep is to living a healthy life and feeling rested throughout the day.  If you don’t get enough sleep, or don’t get a good quality of sleep, you can not only be left dragging mentally, you can also suffer physically.  And as you age, you may find […]

Pain Management and Those You Love

No one wants to see the people they love suffer.  However, sometimes with severe injury or illness, pain is simply unavoidable.  That’s why it’s important to know how to help manage, treat, and cope with the pain your loved one might be feeling. Many people will wonder why they should treat pain.  They may fear […]

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